Kalash Rangoli Designs

Kalash is considered the sacred symbol of rangoli. Many beautiful rangoli designs and patterns have Kalash design in them. Sand, glitter, rangoli colors, gulal, pearls have been used here to give the shape of kalash. Many a time Kalash designs have in them leaves and nariyal which add beauty to it.

Colored Clay Rangoli

Rangoli can be made using different materials, and one of them is the colored clay. Beautiful rangoli has been made from colored clay.Clay has been smartly moulded to make the design of the God symbol ‘Om’. Also the leaves and the pattern around the circle has been beautifully shaped using the clay.

Peacock Rangoli

Peacock rangoli designs of different patterns and colours. Peacock’s image is one of the most common design element in rangoli designs seen across the world. It is believed to bring prosperity in one’s life.