Rangoli Design

Beautiful rangolis have been made from rangoli colors. Designer diyas have been put perfectly at the right place which is enhancing the beauty of rangoli.

Rangoli Design by Madhumita Kansari from Jharsuguda,Orissa

Beautiful flower and diya patterned rangoli has been made from rangoli colors by Madhumita Kansari from Jharsuguda,Orissa. The intricate design is giving the beautiful look to the rangoli. Diya design has been beautifully aligned around the flower.

Flower Diya Rangoli

Rangoli Design by Swati Ganeriwala from Bangalore

Beautiful Ganeshji rangoli has been made from flower by Swati Ganeriwala from Bangalore. Lovely flowers of different colors have been used which is giving the splendid look to rangoli. Ganeshji design is found to be a gud sign in rangoli. It brings peace, happiness and prosperity at home.

Ganeshji Rangoli