Rangoli Design for Diwali

Rangoli of different patterns with beautiful colors. Gulal, rangoli colors, flowers petals, beads, pearls, tiklis and glitters have been used to preprare these rangoli. Kalash for decoration has also been used. Living rooms, corner of the staircase, corner of the rooms, wall side floor along with the corridor and balcony can also be decorated with rangoli. Here the wall side of  corridor has been decorated with petals of yellow and orange flowers for the beautiful look.

Learn Rangoli Design – Make a big Rangoli Design progressively

Sand rangoli design for diwali and other occasions. Placing diyas appropriately around the design can make your design look great. If you look at the designs carefully, you’ll notice that firstly a small design which was complete in itself was made. Then the rangoli was made large by adding further design patterns around the small rangoli design.

Rangoli Designs for the Corner of a Room

Very often people do not have enough space in their home or office for making a big rangoli. They should not get discouraged because small rangoli design made in the corner of a room can also look beautiful. We have tried to provide you with a few small rangoli design ranging from 2 feet to 4 feet width which can be made in the corner of your room.