Rangoli Competition

Rangoli Competition 2013 at Giridih

Rangoli Competition 2012 at Giridih Book Fair

A rangoli competition was held at a book fair in Giridih. Around 60 participants had taken part in the rangoli competition. There were three categories in this competition – junior group from standard 6th to 8th, senior group from standard 9th to 11th and the most senior group on and above 12th standard. Participants were free to make any design they wanted to. Each participant was given a limited area to design his/her rangoli and also there was a limited time, which was just an hour. There were no restrictions on the material for making rangoli, so participants used rangoli colors, gulal, colored rice, flour, flower, etc to give their rangoli a beautiful look. Rangoli Competition proved a huge success, and all credit goes to the organiser of this book fair – Mr. Ritesh Chandra, Mr. Rupam Roy and Mr. Krishna Kant. Following are the beautiful designs of rangoli made on the ground by all the participants.

Rangoli Designs for Women’s Day Competition

Rangoli Designs are mostly drawn by women. International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. This is a major day of global celebration of women. We bring to you some rangoli designs drawn by women to celebrate their day.