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Learn Rangoli Design – Make a big Rangoli Design progressively

Sand rangoli design for diwali and other occasions. Placing diyas appropriately around the design can make your design look great. If you look at the designs carefully, you’ll notice that firstly a small design which was complete in itself was made. Then the rangoli was made large by adding further design patterns around the small rangoli design.

Learn Rangoli Design – Step by Step

Sometimes making rangoli step by step in the manner shown helps to get a big rangoli design. You can go on building your design till you are really satisfied with it. Notice that all the above three designs shown are complete designs on their own. More

Amazing Rangoli Design – How was it made?

The rangoli design that you see here has been made using sand. It is a huge rangoli design covering 15*11 feet floor area. 25Kg. sand was used in the design which were colored before using them in the design (See a ‘How to prepare colored sand?’ video). 5 people designed the rangoli in a span of 2 days in about 6 hrs. For those who love rangoli, we’ve published a gallery of this rangoli design which contains the photos of the rangoli from different angles. We were thrilled to see the beautiful, elaborate and huge rangoli design. Hope you too get inspired by the design.

Amazing Rangoli Design More